About me.


Hey there! 👋 I'm Carlyn (she/her)I'm a Chicago-based content writer and creator by day, artist and TV-binger by night.


From writing stories as a kid to telling brand stories as an adult, the blank page has always been my playground. I've been fortunate enough to create copy and content for e-commerce pioneer Threadless and to go globally viral (for the right reasons) with an award-winning social campaign...and that's just the road so far.

Let's talk! caahill4049@gmail.com

TL;DR—My favorite copy review is when a friend told me,"You're writing the copy on my tombstone."



I was interviewed by WBEZ after a social media campaign I managed went viral and reached every continent (yes, we heard from Antarctica!)

Speaking Events

I have been a speaker at Sprout Social Digital Sessions, MCN's "Creating Social Media Moments of Joy During a Pandemic," and was a guest speaker at a Northwestern sci-comm undergrad class.


I have a professional certification in digital marketing from Northwestern University. I am also Hubspot certified in content marketing and social media, and hold a Google Analytics certification.