Hi there.

My name's Carlyn.

I'm a content writer, social media professional, and dad joke maker based in Chicago. Scroll to see what I can do.


I was interviewed by WBEZ after a social media campaign I managed went viral and reached every continent (yes, we heard from Antarctica!)

Speaking Events
I have been a speaker at Sprout Social Digital Sessions, MCN's "Creating Social Media Moments of Joy During a Pandemic," and was a guest speaker at a Northwestern sci-comm undergrad class.


I have a professional certification in digital marketing from Northwestern University. I am also Hubspot certified in content marketing and social media, and hold a Google Analytics certification.

What People are Saying.

Elizabeth Schmidt, VP Brand Strategy & Marketing

"Carly is a hard worker, a stellar teammate, and will never stop her quest for knowledge. Her way with words, especially puns, rival some of the best comedians I know. Any company, organization, and brand would be lucky to have her in a digital marketing leadership role."

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